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27 December 2008 @ 03:46 pm
I'm just here to say that I moved to a new LiveJournal and I would appreciate that you changed your credits to hara_reita ^^; Sorry to cause you trouble. If you want, you can add my new LiveJournal for updates ^^

See ya!
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15 November 2008 @ 05:25 pm
Hello minna-san! Here I am again.
In the past week, I went to an anime event in Portugal, that thing was so badly organized. Well, it wasn't quit the organization thing, it was really because those cosplays were so bad! I saw an Aeris, but she was fat v_v people now aren’t interested in doing a good outfit, all they want is to participate. Once I saw all of those cosplays, I ran away xD. They were so lame -.- If it was in Japan, it wouldn’t be the same >>;But the good thing is: I finally saw my brother-that-isn’t-my-real-brother *-* It made two years since we didn’t see each other xD. And now for the miracle: my sister bought me an action figure *.* and it was Kadaj, from Final Fantasy VII Advent Children <3 (okay, actually it was her boyfriend that bought, because he thought it was Sephiroth x’D) When I got that in my hands, I was like: “OMG” *runs with Kadaj* I’m so lame xDDD And finally I have good news: I received my Crisis Core game from eBay x3 (yeah, I had to buy it again; someone stole my other one T-T). Now I just need to buy a PSP to play it xD. And I have 15 € x3 (I know that’s not very much, but to me is a lot of money xD) And I’m going to buy a keychain, and it is going to be that one that Vincent has on his gun x3 finally I can buy it. And also, my sister and me are going to buy D Gray Man chibis! X3 It’s a shame that that thing doesn’t have Miranda chibis T-T but at least has Kanda xD. And why am I disappointed on this week? Because Dir en Grey went to America, and they never came to Portugal T-T why am I in a lame country? D< One day I’ll go to Japan and rape them all >DAnd speaking of witch, I have some avatars of them, and also two banners. Enjoy : D

Dir en Grey icons [Kyo (2), Shinya (2), Toshiya (8)]
Dir en Grey banners [Toshiya (1), Kaoru (1)]

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28 October 2008 @ 10:14 am
Hello minna-san!
Here I am, once again xD With a new layout of Noctis (the guy from Final Fantasy XIII Versus) I hate his name! He's so cute and they gave an horrible name! (in my opinion of course). And I discovered that the Final Fantasy I want (XIII Versus) is not for Xbox 360, it's just for PlayStation 3! Sometimes I feel soooo unlucky. And in the past weeks, someone stole my beautiful PlayStation Portable and inside was the game Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core T_T why me?! I'll find who stole my PSP and kill them, that's for sure -.- (okay, maybe not) now I'll have to buy it on eBay, thank god things there aren't that expensive like in Portugal. And thanks to those stupid-mother-fucker-guys, probably I'll not have my bass in Christmas T_T.

And now for the good news: my teacher loved the work I was doing in the class x3 (yeah, I'm an artist 8D [not]) I could show to you all, but I don't know where the fuck is my scanner -.- (actually it's not mine, it's from my brother, but whatever) and she loved my graphic diary too! She said I can draw in other ways with a very high quality! Isn't it awesome?! *.* But she also said I need to write more xP.

Oh, and guess what! Now I can play Devil May Cry 1! It's so cool! Now, to have all the collection, I'll just need Devil May Cry 2. Where the fuck do I buy that?!
Inner - eBay you bitch!
Oh, yeah, I forgot xP

Now I'm leaving you with some icons I made.
Bye bye!

Dir en Grey (Toshiya [8], Kaoru [5], Kyo [3], Die [2] sorry, no Shinya T-T)
the Gazette (Reita [3 and a little banner] only. Sorry again)
Camui Gackt (Gackt [2])
Devil May Cry (Vergil [3], Lady [1] and a Dante banner)
Final Fantasy VII DoC, AC, XIII Versus, XIII (Vincent [2 and an edited picture], Cloud [1], Sephiroth [2] Noctis [3 and a wallpaper], Lightning [1])


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09 October 2008 @ 10:48 am
Hello everyone! Long time no see, huh? xD The school has started and is taking all of my time v_v. Buuuuut, I discovered an amazing thing, almost of my class mates love Final Fantasy! I'm so lucky T-T . And in the other day, I showed them my Playstation Portable, which has some draws of Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core x3 and they were like: "OMG, WHERE DID YOU BUY THAT? O_O" (by the way, I moved to a new school. No one of the other school likes it xD). The classes are really cool x3 I never thought it would be like that. Now I have a graphic diary to draw some things. My teacher wants us to have it, and to use it like it was our own diary or blog, but with one difference: just drawing, not writing xD. Aaaaaaaand, I found a boy who likes Death Note, Hellsing and Bleach *.* and he also plays guitar x3. People from that school really rocks xD.

And I've finished my little Devil May Cry 4 *.*. Lady is a little whore now >>; I liked her more in Devil May Cry 3. She was so cute and pure T-T. Oh, and Trish rules x3 and Nero tooooooo. He's so cute and so sweet T-T. But the best of the best for me, is Danteeeeee xD he's hot x3.

And good news: I finally can buy things on eBay! Thanks to my sister/friend Lu x3. I love yooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooou xD

Now I'll leave you with some icons, because I have to go to school now xD;; See ya

Naruto Shippuuden
Uchiha Itachi [02]
Deidara [03]
Itachi & Deidara [01]
Devil May Cry 3 & 4
Dante [01]
Nero [02]
Lady [01]
Dante & Vergil [01]
Final Fantasy XIII Versus, X-2 & VII: Crisis Core, Advent Children & Dirge of Cerberus
Prince [04] (not sure if that's his name)
Paine [01]
Zack Fair [05]
Cloud Strife [02]
Cloud & Zack [01]
Sephiroth [03]
Genesis [01]
Vincent Valentine [01]



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15 September 2008 @ 05:07 pm
Yesterday I bought Devil May Cry 4!! Yaaaaaaaaaaay *feels so damn happy* but I will not have much time to play it, although it only has 20 missions xD. My mom didn't want to buy it (as always) so, I annoyed her : D and it's the special edition MUAHAHAHA, but it's a shame that it was played by someone xD. Who cares, I have it and you don't MUAHAHAH! (just kidding xD) I'm glad I have Xbox 360 T-T without it, I couldn't play xD.
And noooooow, I just checked out the new school, and it's so big O_O I'm gonna get lost xD I have to be at school at 08:15 am v_v some days xD and some other days, I have to stay in school at 18.30 pm *cries a river* XD.
And nooooooooow, I'll post here some icons ^_^

Kingdom Hearts

Riku [7]
Roxas [2]
Axel [2]
Larxene [1]
Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core & Dirge of Cerberus
Zack Fair [3]
Genesis [1]
Vincent Valentine [7]
Shelke Rui [3]
D. Gray Man
Kanda Yu [11]
Kanda & Lavi [1]
Miranda Lotto [3]
Marie & Miranda [1]
Grimmjow Jaggerjack [5]
Total [46]


Final Fantasy: Crisis Core
D. Gray Man
Camui Gackt
Total [3]


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